RWF release 0.1.2

New version available!  Notable changes:

- energy reconstruction takes into account Revitalize
- CP spent on SR are now indicated
- added a total value for the pie charts
- CP wasted for target switching and end of combat are now correctly taken into account
- the energy cost of FB has been fixed (OOC / Berserk interaction)
- it is now possible to analyze multiple combats/logs without restarting the program
- added tracking of OOC-equivalent energy generation

As usual, you can download from the RWF place.

From an user's point of view, the big one is that you can now analyze all the combats in a log without being forced to restart every time.
Energy reconstruction is still approximate and somewhat wrong (in the totals, you always have a lot more regen than used, which should not happen -- actually since RWF assumes 100 energy at start, the regen total should be lower....).  There still are some events I don't take into account, notably shapeshifting/Furor.  I'll add tracking of SPELL_CAST_FAILED due to "Energy too low." to improve the quality of the energy tracking.

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