RWF and 4.0

I'm advancing (slowly) towards the next release.

Apart from changes to all the skill IDs and other simple matters, there are a few things which are still a problem:
- I've not yet clearly understood how the Rip refresh from FB gets in the logs. Shred refreshes are clearly indicated together with the shred damage, but the FB ones no. I'll have to do some more controlled testing to see what's going on instead of relying on raid logs, which are messy.
- The impact of haste in energy regen is a not easy to manage, since this means taking into account all procs/buffs/debuffs which affect haste. For the moment I'll go for "fixed haste", but finally add the resyincing of energy performed by CAST_FAIL "Not enough energy".

I'm also trying to turn my small piechart widget into something which plays well inside a QLayout, but I'm having problems undestanding how the widget space requirements are communicated to the layout manager. I'll have to do some more learning and testing.

Not sure when I'll be able to finalize the thing, but at the same time it's not like DPS is critical right now. As for the "rotation", the sharp drop in crit going from 80 to 85 will change it quite hard. Practicing DoT refreshes will still be valuable, but Rip/FB/SR use will change radically.

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