Energy regeneration nightmare

After dealing with the Rake problem, here is a new one: energy regeneration.

On 3.3.5 it was simple: 100 energy in 10 seconds.  Now with haste coming into the picture, things are not even remotely as simple.  Expecially because all melee-haste affecting auras mess up with the energy regeneration (seen what happens with malleable goo on Festergut?).
This means that in order to build a reasonable energy profile, I need to take into account not only the basic haste (which comes from the stuff), but also all the auras which affect it.  And guess what: some of them don't appear in the combat log.  At least, Improved Icy Talons I never saw around, and Windfury totem does not apply/remove anything when it's invoked (not sure about Hunting Party).  This  means that the only approach is indirect: determine the life of the frost DK/Totem and assume that the aura application time matches the intervals where those players/guardians existed.  This means that when analyzing data for player "Helistar", I also need to keep track of stuff which is completely unrelated to "Helistar".... translation: deal with the entire combat log instead of just the events involving the player I want to track.

Time to change more internal stuff.....

For the rest things are advancing, as soon as I have a reasonable approximation of the energy profile, I'll post a new version, right now the error is enormous (almost 10% depending on fights).

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