RWF 0.2.0 - with patch 4.0 support

Even if several problems are unresolved (most notably haste tracking for correct energy regeneration), here is the latest version, which has support for the patch 4.0 skill ids as well as changes to the DoT mechanics (refreshing dots just before the last tick is good, missing the refresh is bad).  I reported the missing haste auras to Blizzard and they said the info was forwarded to the devel team, so I'll wait before doing ugly hacks.  Hopefully it'll be fixed in one of the upcoming patches.
At the moment, the Warning/Error things are very arbitrary, but they still give an idea of what should/should not be done.  It also correctly handles Rip refreshes done by FB (not that simple to detect) and it's able to deal with the "rake-aura-up before the skill itself hits the mob" I mentioned a couple of messages ago.  It's also able to deal with a "shift out of cat form" moment.
The pie charts handle a window resize more gracefully and the log filename is stored, so that you don't need to re-type it every time if you keep your log always at the same place.
I also added another type of combat log split: a split on "pauses" which are longer than 4h, which is useful to split a big log into separate days (and don't have WoL complain if you forget uploading for sometime....).

Download from the usual place.  Ah, I learned to switch off debug mode for the windows build, so the executable is a whole lot smaller, I hope it still works ok :)

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