...and completely unrelated:

In addition to WoW I'm also playing LotRO, with an elven hunter (which I later discovered being the absolute noob-indicator in this MMO) and an elven warden (which is sub-optimal, human is better, but I don't give a damn).

Overall, I find LotRO to be a 2-3 years old version of WoW, with slower combat and annoying grinding (in particular traits and reputations), something which WoW has finally evolved out of.... almost (*cough* Tol Barad *cough*).

As much as the huntard...hunter I mean...is absolutely bland when it comes to gameplay (press button -> do damage, press another button -> do more damage), the warden has an interesting feel, even if I've been too scared to actually go and tank an instance.  The lack of an automated LFG tool is part of the problem, spamming LFF is not for me.  I'll definitely try it sooner or later, the idea of a tank without taunt, holding aggro via AoE dotting and threat transfer is definitely a change.

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