4.3 incoming, will the fixes be there?

I'm still waiting to post a new release to see if 4.3 finally fixes all the crap which was not fixed or clearly added by 4.2.  I mean:
- melee haste auras not present in the combat log
- Rip refreshing by Ferocious Bite reported in the log (which was working, but "disappeared" in 4.2).

Together they make annoying things to do during the analysis, since they are not easily guessed.  It's of course possible to code workarounds, but it should not be necessary, and I'm not too hot on playing guess-the-FB-refresh in multitarget scenario, only to see it fixed in 4.3.

BTW a gem from the last logs I'm playing with, it's about melee haste auras:

Hunting party?
> grep Hunting 111102\ 203427.txt
no output.

Maybe Windfury Totem?
> grep Windfury 111102\ 203427.txt | grep AURA
no output.

Ok, so it'll be Improved Icy Talons:
> grep 'Icy Talons' 111102\ 203427.txt
11/2 22:07:44.055  SPELL_AURA_APPLIED,0x01800000037824B0,"Unknown",0x518,0x0,0x01800000037824B0,"Unknown",0x518,0x0,55610,"Improved Icy Talons",0x10,BUFF
Wonderful: in an entire raid evening with multiple wipes, we have a single application, from an Unknown unit to an Unknown unit....

Insert obligatory "WoW coding going downhill, end of WoW, film at 11".

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