RWF for 4.3 up and running

I've finished the FB preprocessing thing and found that the lack of AURA_REFRESH events for Rip was also messing up other things.  I've put in a horrible workaround, but it works, so who cares? :)
Contrary to my initial impression, melee haste auras continue to be a problem, Hunting Party is nowhere to be seen.... Also, several skills changed their IDs, so some detection is messed up, I'll think about this later on.  Correct haste management is still on the TO-DO list: Heroism/BL/TW are correctly handled, but trinkets require a lot more work (= add them one by one), so they are out for the moment.
After a hardware upgrade, my windows environment was completely reinstalled, so I'll have to reinstall Qt as well before I can compile the windows executable.  I'll try to do it before the week-end.