RWF for MoP

I've started updating RWF for Pandaria.

There is a ton of changes, mostly in the amount of stuff to track.  Some mechanics have changed as well, so my energy check for TF are failing systematically, I'll have to look into detail to see what's going on.
I also have no idea on how to provide a "quick" display on the buffed status of DoTs, which can now be buffed by TF, DoC and (rarely) agi potion.  I think it would be nice to be able to quickly see if a DoT was buffed and by what without being forced to hover on it, but there are a lot of combinations, so using colors would be an utter mess.  I'll probably stick to "red = error, yellow = unbuffed, green = buffed by at least one thing" and let the user hover on the DoT to see the details.
There were also some random changes in the combat log, such as the type of environmental damage being written lowercase instead of uppercase (which crashed the parser.....), I guess that with time I'll be able to clean them up.
Well, at least the preprocessor to locate the execute (BitW) range works.

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