Updates, updates

The list of stuff to add is growing, but the code is not :)  this is not good.
I need to add the heals/DoC detection/Wrathspam and I just found out that I messed up Soul of the Forest, which, unbelievably, actually appears as SPELL_ENERGIZE in the log.
I have checked the damn Rip uptime log thing and it's trouble:
- applied at (seconds) 12.831 (expected to end +16s later, so at 28.831)
- refreshed 3 times by shred (so expected to end in total at +22s or 34.831)
- gets refreshed by another Rip at 38.166
Now, I know that one extra tick is possible, which would place the expiration at 36.831.  I also know that the aura is "sometimes" longer (even if it appears correctly to end at the last tick in EventHorizon).  But this is almost 1.5 AFTER the exceptional tick.  It's not a +6s shred refresh, it's almost +10s refresh (9.33 to be exact).  I don't know exactly how to deal with this.  I will alter the BitW code to be a lot more tolerant (+3.3s/shred instead of +2s), but I'm wondering if something is going wrong...... the rip refresh mechanism has always been "weird", but it's the first time I see it being *so* weird.
Whatever... I'll see if I can cook up a release in a couple of weeks.

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