Dream of Cenarius has no doses

Ok, so I finally got a log with Dream of Cenarius.  The good: my code to mark DoTs as "DoC boosted" worked on the 1st try.  The bad: since DoC has two charges I was expecting it to be handled as a 2-stack-maximum self-buff.  Well, it isn't.   DoC, the damage part, spell id = 108381 does not have AURA_APPLIED_DOSE or AURA_REMOVED_DOSE, it's just APPLIED or REMOVED.  I'm also thinking about a way to indicate which of your attacks are DoC-boosted beyond DoTs... I guess I'll add one more element to my display class to provide an additional "flag" to events.
Apart this I have some weird stuff happening (all heals are marked as crits, go figure why), I had to fix once and for all the friendly fire problem (which was segfaulting the program), the "Cowardice" debuff/DoT on Spirit Kings was killing the health tracking since it has no source, I was getting some nice error report on Berserk cast, of the kind "Error: energy below 80" and at the same time "Error: energy above 79", which makes for a narrow margin of error :P
As soon as I get that stuff cleaned up I'll go for a "prerelease"!  Stay tuned (but don't hold your breath).

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