Rewriting in progress...

Apart from minor fixes, like adding support for Shred! (which is not the same spell Id as Shred), so that Glyph of shred can be taken into account, I've started rewriting the way damage and DoTs are processed.  For the moment I've improved the statistics, but I still need to un-triplicate the DoT code and I'm also thinking on how to correctly deal with block/absorb, so that damage is correctly taken into account.
Sooner or later I should also add support for crit normalization (= "normalizing" your damage/DPS to the value it would have if you didn't have luck/unluck with crits or OOC), but that's still far away.  The main objective is to get the visualization to correctly deal with everything.
Side note: Garalon down, and the log has an interesting "problem".  The legs are "recycled", in the sense that they don't behave like adds which die and repop: there's no UNIT_DIED event or anything similar, and they always have the same id.  This is good, because you only have four "adds" in the display, but at the same time it's impossible to know from which moment to which moment they existed, so any attempt at calculating an aura uptime in % is impossible.....

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