Cataclysm: bear 12984

The last Cataclysm patch has brought good things to the bear.  Apart from some numerical changes (Mangle = massive damage, Lacerate = more upfront, less bleed), the big change is the second effect of Berserk: Lacerate ticks now have a 30% chance of resetting the mangle CD and providing a 6-second buff which makes the next mangle cost 0 rage.
This means that:
- the rotation is not static anymore: Mangle does so much damage than using the Berserk procs ASAP is a priority,
- keeping up Pulverize is not as expensive as before, since you'll still get decent TPS from reapplying Lacerate,
- we have more rage to spend on Maul.

What I don't like is that apart from the crit boost helping with SD, threat and survival are still very much separated with "skills/cycle = threat" and "CDs = survival".

I'm thinking about resurrecting my tanking simulator and updating it for Cataclysm to see what are the numbers.... but it would take a lot of time.  Maybe.

The next version of RWF is advancing, I've fixed some CP errors and added some more stuff.  I'm still unable to reexecute the analysis without crashing the program, I'll see if I can fix it during the week and release.

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