Cataclysm: DPS still low

I've not yet started any serious thinking about cat DPS in 4.x.  On beta I'm at 5.4k (on dummy, MotW, not using berserk in the rotation), which is a sick joke considering that I can do 7+k dps on live being 5 levels and 50 ilvls lower.  For me, this means that a lot of work must still go into feral.  I'll wait and see.

I hope that we don't end up with the "refresh Rip during TF only" which seems to be the current trend.  I find interesting to manage DoT uptimes, and this just takes it out of the picture.

BTW napkin math shows that in the current scenario synching TF and rip is a loss:  Rip lasts 16+6 = 22 secs, TF has a CD of 27s with the glyph.

If you synch you end up with 11 rip ticks every 27 seconds.  If you assume that your rip ticks do D damage and you have 30% crit your total damage every 27 seconds is: D * 11 * 1.3 * 1.15 = 16.445 * D.

If you don't sync and keep 100% uptime you end up with 13.5 rip ticks every 27 seconds: D * 13.5 * 1.3 = 17.55 * D.  So a constant Rip is better then a TF-synched Rip.  Of course it costs you CP to refresh, so it'll be a matter of seeing if you have something better to do with those CP.

I'm continuing developement of RWF, with a big twist: since 4.0 will be going live soon, I'm killing WotLK compatibility and the next version (0.2.0) will be 4.0-compatible only.  Since there's not much theorycrafting around I'm removing most of the "error" indicators until the situation settles (I'll keep the "melee without SR" and "Rip/FB not at 5CP", mostly).  One big change is energy regen being haste-linked: this means that unless I have the haste rating + all haste proc info, energy regen wil be incorrect.

I'm taking advantage of the time to also clean up the code a bit.  After cat Cataclysm compatibility I want to add tanking, which means tank health tracking, which is a mess. But I already wrote it once, I should be able to survive a rewrite :)

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