Autodetection of talents

Well, I just realized that asking the player for talents is useless, since all the relevant ones are easily spotted in the combat log (source = you, spellid = the one of the talent), so I've modified the preprocessor to detect the talents.
I've added skull bash to the energy tracking, and I've fixed an error which was reporting swipe twice in the OOC allocation pie chart.
FB refreshes of rip now correctly propagate TF/DoC boosts, and the warning for too few shred extends is turned off as soon as you start to refresh rip with FB.
Activity tracking is still a complete mess, reporting hours-long casts of Healing Touch, I'll have to look into that, but I'm starting to wonder if that display is of any use whatsoever.
In the week-end I'll try to fix some more stuff and then I'll put out a new release.

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