Version 0.3.1 out

I've just uploaded version 0.3.1, source only for the moment, I'll rebuild the windows executable during the morning.
Notable changes are that I fixed one crash, and started adding support for Soul Swap.  Problem is, it's a bit of a mess, and I never wrote "correctly" the code for DoT management, as a result I have the DoT code in triplicate (Rake, Rip, Thrash) so I need to do a lot of cut-n-paste when I add stuff to the DoTs.  This cannot go on, so I'll rewrite the entire thing as soon as I can to centralize the DoT code.  For the moment Soul Swapping rake works, the other DoTs are still swapped, but the swap is not recognized as a Soul Swap, so the code complains about a lot of stuff (Rip applied at less than 5 CP mostly).
I've also added some more statistics on the attacks: in particular the calculation of the "real" DPE (damage-per-energy) associated to the attacks.  This allows you to see how incredibly good Thrash is as soon as you can hit more than one target :)

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